Grass Root Mother

Don’t speak as though

They will not listen

So fast and unclear

You only come off as anxious

Speak slow and concise

They will hang on each word

The power of your tone

Will make them focus

I have three types of kids

I love them all equally and infinitely

The first one calls me everyday

Says thank you mother

For this beautiful day

The second one is a little more distance

Has some understanding of my existence

The third one is ever so distance

Thinks i’m annoying with my presence

By they all have one thing in common

My darlings

I see you cry

At night in those offices where you hide

Can’t you see your running away from the beauty

You were always meant to be

I know you are all grown up now

But i’m still waiting

I can’t be more clear

I still provide even with the distance

When your mouth is dry

I create water with my eyes

When you are so cold with nowhere to go

I burn parts of me

For you to keep warm

You see

Oh how it fulfills me

When you are lost

I create the wind to show you the way

I look to see where you're going


I provide for you

Everything you need

But darlings

You all have gotten lost in greed

I’m confused about something

May I ask a question

Sisters and brothers bleed?

I made you all different

Different colours so you could

Learn from each other

And accept one another

I’m not perfect

I get frustrated too

I blow the snow so hard

So you can't see those unnatural roads you like to cling too

Not to make you crash

Or to do harm

But to make you go inside

Where it is still warm

Maybe you'll remember and what we used to be


I gave you everything

Why can’t you see

I even made a packed with the sun

When the fire can't come

The grass root mothers were the first of my children

I still love you, when you poisoned me


I still love, you when you

Cut off my green hair



The trees were meant to flourish and be seen

I still love, you when you fill my lungs with dust

I even still love you, even, when it becomes to much

You’ve dug so many holes

But my heart is to deep

Filled with light and only love

That you can't get to my core

My life force

These grass root mothers

Feet naked against the roots of earth

Protecting the land even if their voices hurts

Standing up to men and women who don't see

That they are lost on their journey

Fighting to take and burn the trees and beasts

They were here first and all they have ever asked was to respect me

Brothers and sisters

Clouded by greed and money that funds their mouths

But their connection can't be any farther now

What are you gaining from this

What will you see

Just a land covered black

Covering all that history

This land isn't for you

To take and misuse

Only to look

Touch with only softness and grace

Telling this land that you do relate

Take your pipe and your smug smile too

No room for that not anymore

As the earth will fight against you

You cover our lands with brick and concrete

But don't understand that my darling you can never compete

The delicate flower still green

Will smash through all levels

With such life and glory

The concrete cracks

As it knows its place

To stay in the back

As the plants rule this land

You need the water to quench your thirst

But you poison it

Like it didn't come first

You need it's trees so you can sleep peacefully

Snuggled inside but didn't you realize

The trees can't hide

No choice when being ripped

From its roots unexpectedly

You need plants to feed your mouth

To many animals too

But to prevent spores

You cover them with

Chemicals and oh how it burns the grass floor

But the mother speaks through me

To tell you she forgives you

Maybe if I grow something beautifully

You will finally see

I am foreign but you recognize the taste

You won’t have any fear if you connect with me right here

Mom if your listening

These are my thoughts


Waiting for something new

I feel its coming

Lesson of patients is ongoing

Put in a dark place

But a new knowing

Must observe the mind

And why it continues its lies

Most things that have a place

Are things I did not generate

Why are they in my brain

Why can’t I be set free

I know the difference

I think I know how it feels like

To be happy

And to free

So I still wait for the energy to move on

But I know deep down in the subscious

Something important is going on

Reaching for the comfort

In that sweet satisfaction

But in that push down

I’m pushing down that needed transaction

Its dark down here mom

And are you still there

I think i remember  that beautiful stare

The tears inside are yelling to come out

And I’m still trying to figure out

What this whole thing is about

It may rain and reflected my emotions

But mom ying and yang

Is it really required when you are going to heal those emotions

Finding out

Distance you feel from the ones you love

Distance from yourself is the cause

Moments of understanding

Blissful but so  demanding

The dark and light

Everything in between

The range so broad

Itll take time for the incorporating

Always learning that I am deserving

Didn’t learn from the beginning

Only learning midway through

This game of creating

Looked inside the mind

The corner so far behind

A thought there has multiplied

I try not to stare

But it’s wrapped around everything

Like wet wild hair

Long enough to reach every surface

Wet enough to get in those creases

Everyday i know  is important

I’m trying to connect

Say those new words

Like you mean it

On the floor begging for forgiveness


I am okay if things go deep, even past the ground
As I know trust and love will guide us back around

I didn’t mean to do those things

I am just trying relearn everything

mariah pelley-smith