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Guided Meditation : Ancestors

Hello beautiful humans!

To celebrate this new season I will be doing a live Guided Meditation.

Ancestors: the Connection through the Womb

When I was writing this piece I didn't realize how special it was to be able to connect to hidden parts of myself. I didn't realize that the words coming through were telling me my own story. How I was a premature baby, a baby who asked spirit if I was ready to do this life.

That my first month would consist of me being incubated and unable to be touched by my human parents. A memory that hit my heart so strong.

A song came through, told me what had happened. I was alone cut off from physical touch, but my ancient mothers stood around me in their beauty to remind me that I was still connected to them and that I would never be alone.

I forgot about them until I wrote this Guided Meditation.

I will guide you into the womb where you will reconnect with your ancient mothers. We will dance, sing and drink from the red river that runs through all of us. We will end with sacred song, that I will channel through. ♥

HELLOS: 2:00pm -2:15 pm

START: 2:15pm
END: 2:35pm

Sound healing: 2:35pm

Chat: 2:40pm - 3:00pm

See you there