Principle #5

Principle 5.png

Beauty is the reflection of health:
When we start to look in the mirror and see our own eyes and smile at who we become in all senses, only then will we truly feel we are healthy and beautiful.

Why do I believe this?

My Master shared this saying with me a few years ago and I didn’t completely or deeply understand what it meant. Over time I have reflected and realized beauty and health are the same things. That the most beautiful humans in the world are the ones who put their self-care first. They are strict on their water intake, they exercise, value their boundaries and many other things. They are the essence of health.

We can also physically see the shift in the appears of plants, animals, and humans when they are full of high vibs. A beautiful plant is only beautiful because it is nourished and rooted deeply.

Another great example of how health alters the human body is when a woman is pregnant. There is a specific glow to a woman who is holding another life inside of her. I personally never have been pregnant, but have seen an amazing transformation in women's skin, eyes, energy and their outlook on life. (I know some women do have harder pregnancies than others, this is just in my experience of being around pregnant women)

Obviously having a child is super exciting for most and such a gift. But also when you commit to growing a human for 9 months, I assume you really pay attention to your health and what you're putting inside your body. You level up in some sense, in order to create the healthiest vessel for your child.

You are self-caring like you NEVER self-cared before!

On a more personal note:

I recently have been connected with the spirit of one of my future child. She told me that I must sit deeper in my practice and keep working toward my purpose as she will need me to support her and have a solid foundation for her to remember her gifts. I almost balled my eyes out and felt an urgency I had never felt before. Not only am I trying to make an impact and do my part to help heal the world. I am also making sure I am growing as a person in order to be ready for that sweet child, coming in the next few years. I have taken my self-care routine up a few notches and so grateful that I can be a clean and healthy vessel for another soul to grow.

Thank you for reading!