Principle #4

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Everything can be a ceremony and a catalyst for change:

It is how you enter space that determines the quality.

Principle #4
Why I believe in this!


One of the things that you start to integrate on your Reiki or Spiritual journey is that every little thing in your life becomes a miracle. The smallest experience could change your life.

This principle is close to my heart and has made me CHILL THE FLUFF DOWN. As having Aries in my chart and being a Virgo. I am usually running down the street with my planner and checking off my to-do list in one hand and in the other, smashing down walls to build my next foundation.

I have realized how beautiful it is to lean in and stay in a moment longer. I started cultivating a deeper space and really feeling the root of why I was doing things.

I find I get messages and from the universe that are like, DO IT NOOOOOOOOWWW! So I respond saying YESSSSSSS 🙆🏃🏃🏃 !! I AM RUNNING, I AM GOING, WE GOT THIS!

But over time I have realized that I was getting messages about things that were WAYYY in the future and it has become more beneficial for me to sit in stillness and ask what I must do FIRST to ignite the manifestation. As well as ask what things I must learn before, in order to make things easier.

Because of that pressure, I was getting all the time, my mind was getting confused between anxiety and excitement. As the body responses in the same way.

I would feel that the messages from a ceremony were always literal and that I was going to die or the world would end if I didn't execute exactly, as I saw it in my head.

When I let myself be excited about what was to come, removing the whole world off my shoulders, everything got easier. A calmness came into my life and stayed.

The greatest change doesn’t come from a mushroom ceremony in the woods.

It doesn’t come from traveling across the world and meditating in a temple.

It comes from taking all the things you experienced in those epic moments. And TRANSFORMING them into practical tools that you can actually integrate and use in everyday life.

When you associate a ceremony and great shifts in yourself with the spiritual totems, it becomes harder to integrate all the beauty that has happened.

Who are you, when the crystals and oils are tucked away?
Who are you, when you're on the bus getting to a 3D job?
Who are you, when the dishes are dirty and you're late for work?

When we create a wall between “real life” and “spiritual experiences” we create a wall within ourselves.

Your whole life is an epic spiritual adventure.