Principle #1

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I had mentioned my TOP 10 Principles I try to live by in a previous post! I decided to go in little deeper with these and hope to inspire other Practitioners to create their own Principles to share with their students♥

Principle #1

The greatest relationship you will ever have will be with the spirit that lives inside of you: It cannot be touched, it does not have an ego and it is always there for our beginnings and endings.

Why do I believe this?

When I started to understand my place in the world there was a consistant experiences that created a void inside I.e( relationships ended, I moved, lost things, lost friends).

I started wondering "if we are not supposed to be attached to things, why commit to them? Are we supposed to always be in pain? 

But after every loss, I was so excited for life again. It was like the thing I was holding on to, was actually taking up to much space. I couldn't breathe, my mind was full of fluff. I was experiencing life deeper when I was alone when I was focusing on improving my self. When I realized that " OH YA! I AM AN ACTUAL PERSON THAT CAN ACTUALLY DO THINGS ON MY OWN". My life changed. I started doing yoga naked in my bedroom and not afraid of my body, I started throwing all the crazy healthy things in smoothies and noticed how much energy I had. The moment I was able to meditate and actually be still, was the moment I got it. This is what I was chasing, the stillness, being just with me in silence and feeling complete.

When I started asking questions and getting clear answers, I was in awe. Every crazy choice and rando thing I have done in the last 3 years to bring me here, was because I listened.

Sometimes spirit would tell me I have to move everything around in my apartment and throw out things that I was saving to give to my future child. Well if spirit said that's what it is going to take... Then 2am moving furniture it is! GOOD BYE FAMILY HEIRLOOM.

Sometimes spirit was like, you have to stay in this relationship until you get your voice. Yikes okay, I learned my lesson, spoke my truth and got out of there.


From the outside I may have looked unstable, too fast, unpredictable and a little crazy. BUT THAT WAS WHAT WAS NEEDED. 

And the reasons why I did all the rando things, was because it was TRUTH. I felt it in my heart and I turned into a bull in order to fulfill what was asked of me. Spirit doesn't lie, spirit doesn't play games, spirit doesn't really care how I feel. Spirit is your best friend who will pull you through the mud until you reach land. Spirit will console you and keep teaching you even when you get off the path. Spirit loves you unconditionally.

KEEP IN MIND! I am DEFINITELY not saying that human relations are not worthy of time and commitment, of course they are!

Life shifts so intensely and we always have to be connected to spirit and our higher selves in order to be grounded, to be stable in this crazy human life♥