What is REIKI?

Reiki is the transfer of intentional healing energy. This energy is pulled from the universal energy that surrounds us. Reiki Practitioners are able to channel this energy more potently in their body to help themselves heal as well as others. Reiki works with different systems such as the chakra system and the meridian system. Reiki works as an intuitive tool that helps to clear the “blocks and/or fix“leaks” of energy in body. A block can be emotional, mental, spiritual and or physical.


Emotional Block- Suppressed anger or grief stored in the body that can be released by expressing the trauma, crying, forgiving the people involved, or anything that allows the release of the emotion

Mental Block- A thought process or inability to complete a “mental” task (i.e make a decision). This can be displayed as constant confusion and inability to more forward with small or large tasks. The release may feel like a looseness in the jaw, mouth, neck and head. Clarity in thought arises.

Spiritual Block- Anything that causes resistance between you and self love. This can manifest in your life as not taking care of yourself. Not doing the things that your are passionate about, in fear of not being “good enough”. The release may feel like a full body lightness, the feeling being able to do anything, the feeling of understanding yourself and fully accepting your abilities and capabilities.

Physical (body) Block- Chronic pain in any part of the body. Could be a tight muscle, toothache, irritated skin, etc. The release is usually completely fixed of the pain or a reduction in the pain.

What are some health benefits of Reiki?

Reiki has many health benefits there are short term and long-term benefits. After a few sessions, your body starts to remember how to increase its own vibration naturally and allows future reiki sessions to be more insightful, because of heightened senses of awareness.

Here are a few other benefits:

  • Stress relief on every level (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically)

  • Relaxation feeling

  • Mentally clear

  • Some people experience heightened of senses

  • You can go into a deep meditative state

  • Releases physical pain in the body

  • Can heal sickness in the body (Bladder infection) – It can heal if that’s the intention – vibration and frequency. Lower vibrations = possible disease or sickness in the body.

  • Headaches

  • Increase intuition and self-confidence

What can one expect from a treatment?

All practitioners practice differently. Everyone brings something different and unique to the space. You’ll be expected to set an intention for the space, meaning I would usually ask you to state in the present what you want. (i.e I am clear, I am creative, I allow suppressed emotions to come to the surface, etc.)You can lay on a massage table or sit on a chair, I have my clients lay as it is more comfortable for longer sessions.

I then prompt the client to do three deep breaths or more until they feel calm and relaxed enough to begin. Closing their eyes I will active the chakras around the body ( * there are 108 chakras in the body at each joint, but the 7 mentioned are the main centers, joint chakras are like streams, 7 main are like oceans in comparison).  There are standard hand positions that some Reiki practitioners use, I do whatever I feel is necessary, as Reiki is an intuitive practice. Some Reiki Practitioners will do hands-on, touch, but it’s not required.


Reiki does not need to be in the same room as the client – can be a distance healing session. It’s promoted to be one-on-one in the room because the physical body likes the human interaction. Your mentally saying when you go to a treatment of any kind “I am here, I am doing this thing to help heal me”. You are actively taking yourself out of the familiar into the unfamiliar, and some people require the external change to feel more present with the session.


The time frame: sessions can last 30 minutes, but can last up to an 90. (Standard, not all treatments). With extra external healing tools, some Practitioners play binaural beats (high frequency music) or regular relaxing music. I use binaural beats as well as use vocal toning through singing. You can expect your conscious mind to be between sleep and awake.

WHAT WILL I EXPERIENCE DURING?* Things vary person to person

  • Emotions, can fluctuate depending on what your intention was and what you need to- move forward

  • May be able to feel exactly where the feeling is located in the body – i.e neck, stomach

  • May experience dry mouth or feel like you need to cough

  • Belly may make rumbly noises – digestive noises

  • May experience twitching or involuntary movement in the whole body

  • You might feel fluctuations in temperature

  • Head and body tingling

  • Visual memories or feelings of memories


  • You might feel light-headed, might be confused

  • Most likely will feel very reflective, especially if it is your first appointment

  • Might feel very talkative or not want to say anything at all

  • Might feel tired or energized – depends on what you need to experience

  • Usually when you set the intention to answer a question, the answer you are looking for becomes the main focus of where you mind is. You can move forward with a clear mind to solve the situation at hand.

  • Heightened increase of awareness

Is reiki for everyone?

As Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality, Reiki is beneficial for Humans and animals

  • Reiki is a complementary treatment, it has been used in hospitals for decades.

There is no negative effects that happen emotionally, mentally, physically. The only reason someone will have a negative experience is because the intention that they set wasn’t what they were ready for. Or the perception of crying or feeling a suppressed emotion is deemed as “bad”.

Why do most people choose reiki?

  • It’s non-invasive

  • It’s complementary to other treatments and therapies

  • The whole point of the exchange is to use that universal love and energy, to transfer it to another person. To remind them at a cellular level that they are capable of receiving it as well

  • A soft way of remembering your potential