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My Reiki Day & The Power of Now

It's a Reiki Day and the best way to start for me is to absorb words that solidify my intention with my practice.

I came across the book "The Power of Now" and I believe I was late to the train on reading it.

I am a couple chapters in and I enjoy the way it is written, it really speaks to parts of me.

This book has been placed in my hands at the right time.

A summer of limitless expansion. I'm loving the 🌞. The heat is giving me an extra push to do things. I just started riding my bike this summer (for actual exercise) I enjoy outdoor activities more than the gym now. And reading about the "Now" in the writers context, made my 8km bike ride a reflective one. Every time I wasn't focus on turns and my body, a person or an obstacle would be in my way, which would jolt me into the present.

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