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My Reiki Journey & Personal Development πŸ’š

As we develop and start understanding ourselves, our perception of what we actually need in our life shifts.

My Reiki journey..

Has brought me to a place where I feel capable, I feel like I can create my life on a macro and micro scale. And most importantly it has made me understand the importance of love for myself and the beings around me.

This lovely human has supported me through all of the craziness and amazingness that has come since I made that commitment to do life for real βœŒπŸ’š Today I am grateful for my journey, for people who support me, and for the clarity that comes when I let go.

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Goals to Be a Traveling Reiki Practitioner

Kyle and I went to PEI for a wedding and drove up a few days early to get some camping and hiking in. PEI was so lush and you could feel that everything there was healthy and thriving.

Something about being on the road and not having to be at a certain place everyday is great! Goals to be a traveling Reiki PractitionerπŸ’š

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Morning Yoga

The best thing about summer is Yoga outside. Waking up super-dupes early and knowing you get to be sun kissed for an hour before you start your day is magicial. 🌞 Thanks sun for making my practice 1000x more amazing!

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My Reiki Day & The Power of Now

It's a Reiki Day and the best way to start for me is to absorb words that solidify my intention with my practice.

I came across the book "The Power of Now" and I believe I was late to the train on reading it.

I am a couple chapters in and I enjoy the way it is written, it really speaks to parts of me.

This book has been placed in my hands at the right time.

A summer of limitless expansion. I'm loving the 🌞. The heat is giving me an extra push to do things. I just started riding my bike this summer (for actual exercise) I enjoy outdoor activities more than the gym now. And reading about the "Now" in the writers context, made my 8km bike ride a reflective one. Every time I wasn't focus on turns and my body, a person or an obstacle would be in my way, which would jolt me into the present.

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How I Prepare for a Reiki Session

Hey everyone,

Some people have asked me what I do to be ready for each client.

I whole-heartedly believe we should show up with every cell of our being and in order to do that you must be in your body and be very present in your space.

What I do isn't what anyone needs to do, this is how I prepare before a session and this practice has developed over the last few years.

Being a Reiki Practitioner as well as running 2 other businesses, can bring me off balance. So I make sure that my Reiki days are MY REIKI DAYS!

1. To bring me closer to center, I will feel or say the 5 commandments or principles of REIKI:

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How My Reiki Attunements Changed My Life

My Reiki Attunements changed my life. I find I need something magical in order to start doing things dramatically different.

My 21 day cleansing period after my first and second attunements were the most insane and the most intense experiences of my of my life. I thought I would fall away and be absorbed back into the fabric of the universe. But I actually learned so much and was tested beyond mental, emotional and spiritual capacity.

I am so thankful that I went through it as I realized we can do sooo much more.

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