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Your Dreams are Waiting for You!

They always say it's about the "little things", and most of my life I didn't know what that meant.

But through this journey I have realized that the little things are the things that keep you moving, that without them you wouldn't have the "big" things!

And then I realized that everything is the same. It is only our perception of what is bigger than something else.

Doing Reiki with one person for an hour, can be life changing. Not just for them, but for me. I learn so much from my clients too!

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My Reiki Day & The Power of Now

It's a Reiki Day and the best way to start for me is to absorb words that solidify my intention with my practice.

I came across the book "The Power of Now" and I believe I was late to the train on reading it.

I am a couple chapters in and I enjoy the way it is written, it really speaks to parts of me.

This book has been placed in my hands at the right time.

A summer of limitless expansion. I'm loving the 🌞. The heat is giving me an extra push to do things. I just started riding my bike this summer (for actual exercise) I enjoy outdoor activities more than the gym now. And reading about the "Now" in the writers context, made my 8km bike ride a reflective one. Every time I wasn't focus on turns and my body, a person or an obstacle would be in my way, which would jolt me into the present.

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