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2018 Goals - Reiki on the Road!

he travel bug is hitting hard and my partner and I talked about how amazing it would be to live out of a van.

We work so hard as practitioners to obtain and create a space where we can practice our gifts. I have noticed that we do truly create the space with our hearts. I love having an office and healing room in Halifax! But one day I know I will have to let go and create a new space where I end up.

I still will be able to do:

🍀Distance Reiki

🍀Pop up Reiki tent

🍀Reiki Classes for people to be introduced to the energy

🍀Reiki Attunement Classes for people who want to become a practitioner

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Vacation Prepping - Travel & Reiki!

Pre-vaca pics with Millie 💚 Going to be driving to PEI tmrw morning and today was:

❇Meal prep on meal prep 🍲🍡

❇Cleaning 🛀🚿

❇Finish up projects

❇Set intentions for my life

❇Pack 💁

❇Kitten hangouts🐱

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