Dream Life


The idea or thought that keeps coming up in my mind is... The dream life is here, always has been. And that we can sway in and out of that version or frequency moment to moment.

It can literally be just a thought.
That clicks you back to an old timeline.

I find myself in a new home, in new place, with new people, doing new things, creating new projects. 
Having moments where I realize that the old Mariah died. 
That sometimes I feel completely foreign, but home at the same time.

The ground doesnt exist under my feet the way it used to. Its wrapped around my legs and grows flowers in my heart.

Being grounded in self. This is a very new thing I have come to experience. 
Such freedom and safety in trusting the self.

Reiki has opened me
Kundalini Yoga has made me strong
The combination makes me whole.🙏 Now it is my mission to teach both in the same space. They support eachother, lean on eachother 🌿forever together🌿

Reiki Eye Academy enrollment is open! Classes start June 2nd!