Reiki Distance Healing

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Reiki Distance Healing!

Reasons why I loove doing this type of session <3
1. Connecting with people all over the world!🌎 2. Experience how amazing INTENTION can change the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies!🙌 3. I get to be in deep meditation for 45 mins, allowing me to work directly in the Astro space. 👁
How will a session go?

1. We will use Skype or FB Messenger to chat via video! We will discuss your intentions for 15 - 20 mins.

2. After that time, you will set a timer on a device for 45 mins. Making sure you use a soft tone or song to ease you back when it goes off! Also putting your phone on airplane mode for no disruptions!

3. You will lay on a comfortable surface or sit in a chair and start the timer. We will end the call and I will begin the session!

4. Once your timer goes off, you can turn it off and take a few moment to center.

5. We will then go back on video chat and discuss the treatment. I will review what I saw in the different bodies, share and messages that came through and give you some tools to use while you integrate the information for the next few weeks!

6. You can share what came up for you, it is up to you! I will email you my notes and follow up in 2 weeks time!