Blending Technologies


Reiki and Kundalini Yoga:

Why this blend of technologies are so incredible when held together.

The way I like to explain it to my students is that in order to integrate we must allow all the bodies to learn the teachings.

Most of us are aware of the "4" BODIES

1. Energetic
3. Mental
4. Physical

When we look at these and use this example of learning a new lesson or movement. (let's use dance as an example)

1.The information is known in the energetic. The energetic body only knows dance, only knows movement. We "SENSE" that dance is something that you are being pulled too.

2.Then the emotional body may react when you watch a beautiful performer, observing the depth of movement makes you cry with appreciation. The pull becomes stronger.

3. The mental body then starts to learn the functional components of the movements and you then start to understand logically why and how things can move that way. You then get a deeper pull that runs through the physical body.

4. Then the physical body starts to move and create the dance. It is awkward as first, but oddly soothing. After while, the physical body understands how to move. It isn't perfect yet, but there is proudness to taking the time to learn.
After this process the mental body supports our physical movement, are emotions start to funnel through and we become bliss. The energetic body can then be fully present with the human experience.

This little story of learning dance is a way to explain If you PRACTICE or RECEIVE Reiki you are building a direct relationship with that energetic body, where the movement of energy can be so subtle but be so loud. You can learn to pull in energy from the universe to sooth you and others. The whispers of the energetic body start to speak in a clear expressive way.

A softness, a gentleness, a clarity.

While Kundalini uses a lot of repetition in movements, sounds and breath. This activates all the bodies,. If you PRACTICE or TEACH Kundalini Yoga, you will start to strengthen all the bodies and heal the nervous system.

This creates space in all areas of you life. You will find that your capacity for everything increases.