How do YOU PREPARE for a Reiki Session?


Good afternoon World!πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

The top question I get from people is:


When I first started practicing I would ask my clients to make an intention in the present tense based on what they felt they needed most at the moment.

So, for example, your entering a new career, your moving into a new home, you are getting out of a relationship. (These types of transitions affect the root chakra and tend to make us feel confused, unorganized and on edge.) So we would make an intention along the lines of: I am grounded, I feel stable, I am clear.

These are my go to's as when our root is disturbed we become a swaying tree in the wind and it becomes hard for us to do anything. Also if we are not firm in the "ground", we become to consumed with "surviving" in our monkey brain, resulting in chaotic thought patterns.

So what I would ask of you is to look at your life from an objective perspective. Talk about yourself in the 3rd person and see what’s up. Sometimes we get so narrow with certain situations we don’t see all the other stuff going on.

You still might not be 100% sure what the intention you want is, but you will have a better sense of all the angles and perhaps shift your own understanding about a situation.

When you come in we will have a little chit chat and confirm the intention.

Note that the energy will do what it needs in the space.

The intention allows our protective mind to softness and be open to digging deep into our psyche.

I treat every session as a ceremony. I ask that you respect your body with the utmost care.

So if you really want to experience a ceremony, watch what you are putting in your body 24 hours before.

This includes refined sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs and processed foods.

PLEASE drink TONS of water!

The ability to integrate and feel real shifts in our experience directly correlates with how clean the inside of our body is. Imagine trying to move in new furniture when there are books, clothes and garbage all over the floor. You would end up moving the stuff in and still be focusing on the mess and the chaos of your living room instead of how beautiful your new furniture set is.

There will be dissonance and this will make integrating uncomfortable.