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I am introducing a new package!

When we set an intention to create a shift in ourselves it usually becomes difficult to integrate. We must actively support that intention with our thoughts and actions. That is why I have chosen to have 3 sessions in this package. We cannot reprogram our minds or open our hearts if we are not aware of how we truly feel. I will become an objective voice and eye to your life. I will guide you to a new understanding and that can be felt in the body.

The structure of this journey:

1 Main Intention

3 Sub Intentions

3 Sessions

Picture your MAIN intention as a pathway and these SUB intentions as bridges and keys to allow you to integrate.

The first sessions is where our energies get used to each other and you create an openness and transparency about your life. We will determine the focus of the sessions and teach you how to use your worksheets.

The second session is where we open up the heart and start to release old habits and patterns that were not serving you. We will review your homework and the developments that have happened.

The third session is where we can go deeper. We will start to open up new parts in the mind, so you can experience life in a heighten state of awareness. We will review the intentions and create new tasks that can be done moving forward in order to strength the new patterns.

Cost $350

Avaliable at my Pramana location!
Coming Soon for The Floatation Centre!