My Poetry


A poem filled with love from me to you  When you have to just accept that life doesn't make sense and that you have to get comfortable with confusion.

Confusion: I find arrives when we are trying to force an explaination. Clarity comes when you just let go of everything. I am letting go of everything I thought I was.

Everything I thought I believed

Every person I thought I wanted in my life

The food I thought I liked

The fears I thought I had

The things I thought made me happy

So I can be empty and aware. Let life flow through me like air. What will stay inside my heart, will be what I am.

I'll stand up and walk on smooth feet again. A new journey with a smile on my lips and a gift to give in my chest.

May my dreams flow forward through my eyes and may my voice sing high.

May my heart evlove and my power rise.

May womb give birth to love and my feet hold strong.

I am here in this place forever.