Your Dreams are Waiting for You!

Welcome Dreams.jpg

They always say it's about the "little things", and most of my life I didn't know what that meant.

But through this journey I have realized that the little things are the things that keep you moving, that without them you wouldn't have the "big" things!

And then I realized that everything is the same. It is only our perception of what is bigger than something else.

Doing Reiki with one person for an hour, can be life changing. Not just for them, but for me. I learn so much from my clients too!

You don't know how much you are actually learning and taking away from experiences until it comes up again. And that's why we forget "lessons". All the little things train you for your big dreams. Enjoy the ride and welcome to a new space of awareness. Sending love 💚💚 We got this! We are going to do great things! Keep hustlin and don't forget about breaks and water ;) !