2018 Goals - Reiki on the Road!

Reiki on the Road 2018.jpg

 The travel bug is hitting hard and my partner and I talked about how amazing it would be to live out of a van.

We work so hard as practitioners to obtain and create a space where we can practice our gifts. I have noticed that we do truly create the space with our hearts. I love having an office and healing room in Halifax! But one day I know I will have to let go and create a new space where I end up.

I still will be able to do:

🍀Distance Reiki

🍀Pop up Reiki tent

🍀Reiki Classes for people to be introduced to the energy

🍀Reiki Attunement Classes for people who want to become a practitioner

🍀Your Business Chakra Classes for Health Practitioners who want to heal blocks that are effecting their business

🍀Healing Ceremony with plant medicine for people who want to reconnect with the earth and plant beings

Some of these services will be in person and some will be online. And I am making a promise to myself to do what I have to, to be prepped and ready for this to manifest! But also remembering to be present for where I am right now 💚