Smile & Laugh

Smile and Laugh.jpg

It's an amazing summer so far and I have been trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera.. Lol... I feel like I look completely different in person than in photos. And this has sparked some reflection inregards to how I see myself. There must be a disconnect if I look at a picture and it seems I am looking at someone else.

So I have decided to try and be in front of the camera. I think most of the hesitation stems from being an AWKS teen and human and seeing how it translates in pictures and video.

But this journey I have been on has definitely allowed me to accept all the parts and I really only got me to work with hah. So I am not going hide myself! The work that I do is all about being authentic and not being afraid of who you are. So here is me, laughing at myself being awks in front of the camera while our kitten is confused and while I show off my tattoo that doesn't usually get sun.

But the day this shot was taken I loved how my hair turned out, I loved the green of my dress. I loved that I wore a deeeep neckline and was okay with it! 😊🙌✌