What is Kundalini Yoga and why do I talk about it so much?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology that merges exercise, meditation and mantra that increases your energy, synchronizes the impulses of your nervous system, releases energetic blockages, balances our hormones and reveals your natural attitude, allowing you to have the STRENGTH + COURAGE + CAPACITY to be your TRUE SELF.


Keep up & you’ll be kept up!

My favourite saying from Kundalini Yoga is, keep up and you'll be kept up. Using this phrase to stay a little longer in a pose gifts you so many opportunities on and off the mat. Kundalini Yoga exercises are repetitive and challenging at times. When you stretch beyond your thought capacity beautiful things start to shift in every part of your life. As your radiance is only limited by our mindset.


Biological Awareness

Kundalini Yoga creates a space where you become aware of your biological responses of your hormones, pituitary + pineal glands, nervous system, and muscles. Kundalini Yoga helps to shift or hormones into balance, cultivate energy, reset our metabolism and allows our body to repair in a more effective way.

Kundalini Yoga has changed my life and has made my body my best friend and greatest companion. I love teaching this, as I have experienced magical shifts in all areas of my life, because of this technology.